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Having lived as a little girl in Cuba's beautiful countryside, I feel no stranger to fresh organic vegetables and a pure environment. Through the course of my life, I have developed an immense awareness of the benefits that my early exposure to healthy eating has had on my well being and my lifestyle choices today. Passing this heritage on to my daughter has literally become a full time job; one in which I take great pleasure. I have always been drawn to the health industry. Early on in my college years, I worked as a personal fitness trainer. I enjoyed it very much but soon decided that a more in depth study of anatomy and the healing arts of massage therapy was where I wanted to go. I completed my studies and received my license to practice massage. Four years into my profession, I opened my first studio in South Beach. After ten successful years and a reputation that far exceeded all my expectations, just months before the birth of my daughter Juliette, I decided to sell my often celebrity-frequented day spa (links to articles on spa) Massage by Design, to a loyal client. I wanted to devote all of my energies to my new lifetime adventure; motherhood. The whole of my life experience made greater sense to me now. I was about to have my dearest wish come true. I was soon to have a daughter. The time had come to make the clean cleaner and the healthy healthier. I went back to my roots and began an organic vegetable garden. I also adopted two pet chickens for Juliette, Lucy and Lola, who seem very happy providing fresh organic eggs. After three years and many insights, my desire to express myself professionally through a new medium has come to be. Out of my studio in Coral Gables, I now do private and group consultations with parents helping them promote greater health for their children by way of education and products that support a clean pure environment and sound nutrition. When it comes to my baby and yours, I place great emphasis on four basic needs; good food, clean water, fresh air and lots of love!

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