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Are we cleaning our homes or polluting them?

Studies show that household cleaning products are associated with chronic wheezing, coughing and asthma in children. I was able to confirm the validity of this study in a recent visit to a friend’s home. As I entered her beautifully decorated high rise condominium I was immediately greeted by an array of fragrances. My sensitive nose was able to identify the laundry softener, the glass cleaner that was being applied at that moment as well and the various scented candles. Soon into my visit, I noted that her little three year old daughter had coughed and sneezed several times. As I turned to “bless her”, my friend mentioned that her little girl was suffering from allergies.

Thank goodness for the credibility that I had with my friend. She allowed me to open the sliding glass doors to allow for the fresh ocean breeze to enter the room. I proceeded to go through all of her cleaners some of which had pretty labels implying safety for babies but yet their ingredients were completely toxic. With full trust, she allowed me to throw all of them out. At my suggestion, she went to her local Whole Foods store and purchased environmentally safe glass cleaners, laundry and dish washing detergents and began boiling essentials oils for aroma instead of burning aromatic candles. She also went the extra mile and purchased an air purifier for her home. My friend was willing to do anything for her child. Her daughter had suffered from allergies for over one year.

Without exaggeration, two weeks later, she called me absolutely thrilled with the change in her little girl’s health. There was no more coughing or sneezing!

Over 87% of our time is spent indoor. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) tells us that indoor air pollution is 25 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. For this reason enough cannot be said about providing fresh, clean air for our children; most especially the infants whose respiratory system is still developing.

I always recommend cleaning ones home with non toxic cleaners, ventilating by opening windows whenever possible and purifying the air with a quality air purifier.


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